Musikgesellschaft Kaiseraugst

Many organisations seek to showcase their members and their achievements or handle administrative tasks through a website. So does the brass band of Kaiseraugst, which is why they approached me for the project.

Musikgesellschaft Kaiseraugst
Web, Site, Wordpress

Most parts of the site were going to be more or less static, but there were enough elements that needed to change on a regular basis so that a CMS of some sort would be appropriate. I decided to use Wordpress as I've had some experience with it in the past and to use a custom theme.

I was able to take most of the content from the existing site so the most difficult part of the project was creating different content types that could be used for the member section of the site.

Things I've learned

This project allowed me to learn some of the more in-depth aspects of Wordpress. Additionally, I had a chance to find good resources for Wordpress plugins and how to combine them to achieve my desired goals.

One of the important parts of this projects was the migration from the existing site to the new Wordpress platform. This meant I had to gather all the content from the server and figure out a way to import it into the new database in an efficient and smart way, but there was still some manual migration to be done.

Technologies I've used

While my knowledge of PHP was already on a satisfying level before I started working on this project, more experience is always welcome. Especially considering that Wordpress has some rather peculiar features.

Design, Development, CMS, Site Migration
HTML, CSS, PHP, Wordpress

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