Hi there, my name is Sacha Schmid and I am a front-end developer working at Schwabe. I design and build websites using modern HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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Wolfswood Companion icon

Wolfswood Companion

2016 — Wolfswood Companion is a planning utility for the console game Destiny. It helps players with planning the monthly Iron Banner event and achieving the maximum level in order to obtain all the rewards.

  • iOS
  • App
  • Swift
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JSONP Demystified

When dealing with APIs, JSONP is all the rage these days. There is a number of reasons as to why this specification reached such popularity, but there's also a lot of uncertainity when it comes to actually using it. Most people would be all like 'Ugh, JSONP is easy, just use jQuery!' But as usual, 'just use jQuery' is not an acceptable answer for everyone.

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