Chirurgie am Rhein

Dr. med. Tibor Horvath is a surgeon in Switzerland and he's had the desire for a website of his own for a while. He wanted to be able to just refer to his website when colleagues or clients asked about things like contact information or opening times.

Dr. med. Tibor Horvath
Web, Site, HTML

That's why, in 2014, he asked me to design and develop his website. We met and discussed his vision and I started working on a first prototype. On our second meeting we discussed the prototype and changed some parts of the site after his constructive critisism. Soon thereafter we put the finishing touches on the design and when all the content was ready, we published the site.

First reactions in both Dr. Horvath's professional and personal circles were positive and he was very proud of having his first own website.

Things I've learned

The thing I learned most about during this project was communication with the client. Whether it was through email or at one of our meetings, I learned more about discovering the client's requirements and wishes and how to note them correctly and efficiently. I also learned how to discover what content was needed and how to communicate this to the client.

Considering the site's target group, I had to make usability and progressive enhancement a priority for this project. Colleagues of Dr. Horvath as well as his potential client may not use the latest versions of their browsers or they may not be the most technologically versed people, so I had to keep the site easy to understand and use. This involved testing with people from the potential target group.

Technologies I've used

The site uses basic HTML and CSS. To facilitate development and testing I used gulp. I relied on progressive enhancement to make the site look good in older browsers while allowing me to make it look the way I wanted in more modern browsers.

Communication, Design, Development, Build Processes, Usability
HTML, Sass

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