Sacha Schmid

My name is Sacha Schmid. I'm a front-end developer from Switzerland, interested in both interface design and web development.

For questions and comments you can contact me through e-mail at [email protected].

In 2017, I graduated from University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland in Brugg, Switzerland, majoring in Computer Science.

Bachelor of Science FHNW in Computer Sciences with a specialisation in Design and Management
Brugg-Windisch, Switzerland
Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training
Basel, Switzerland

I have gathered experience in various aspects of front-end development and project management while working with companies and private clients alike, as well as a multitude of projects at university. You can see some of that work on my Projects page.

Familiar Topics
UI Design, UX Design, Web Development, Native Development, Interaction Design, Project Management, Software Architecture

I keep up to date with the latest trends and the rapid evolution of languages and tools as much as possible, trying out new technologies on projects all the time. This interest in the industry allows me to create websites and applications that not only build on foundational principles of design, but also use cutting-edge technology.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, .NET C#, Haskell, Swift, Java, PHP
Tools & Frameworks
React, Redux, Angular, Ionic, Sass, Wordpress, Neos CMS

Other than the web, I am very passionate about music, both listening to my favourite records and creating music with my guitars. Whenever I can, I like to go to concerts and festivals and just enjoy the music and the people around me.

About This Site

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