Keep 'em happy

happy flowers helps you keep your favourite flowers healthy by automatically watering them whenever they need it.

At A Glance

Quickly check on your flower and make sure it is as happy as possible. Never have another flower wither because you weren't sure if you should water it or not.

Become The Expert

A detailed chart shows you the history of your flower. Learn how it reacts to waterings and how fast it loses water. You'll quickly get a feeling for how your plant lives and what you can do to improve its happiness.

Watch Her Grow

Ever wished for the relaxing sensation of watching a flower without the hassle of getting up? Well, now you can just visit the dashboard and look at a livestream of your flower, right from the comfort of your computer.

Happy Hacking

A flexible framework allows you to add new features with ease. Add new hardware or extend the codebase, it's all ready for you.

Raspberry Pi

The project runs on a Raspberry Pi, connected to a moisture sensor, a USB water pump, and a USB webcam.


All of the back end code is written entirely in Haskell. See, it does have its real-world applications.


A modern front end implemented using React, Redux, and the modern JavaScript ecosystem creates a beautiful user-experience.


A custom WebSockets implementation allows for live updates from your flower so you'll know what's up with it any second of the day.